crafting functional sustainable fashion, piece by piece.

Did you catch us in The Sun?!

Recently KATE&FRANCES was featured in The Vancouver Sun. Click here to read the article!

sustainable fashion designed & manufactured in Vancouver, BC.

you have the power to dictate how the world sees you.

Circle Craft Nov 10th – 14th

This year you can find us at Circle Craft, at the Vancouver Convention Centre Nov 10th – 14th

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collection 6.0 available now!

designed & manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, each style can be custom made to fit you!

just select ‘custom’ from the drop down size menu & enter your measurements at check-out.

it’s that easy!

our unisex collection 5.0


collection 4.0

clothing tells a story.  your story. 

we create silhouettes that help you express your identity.

collection 3.0

clothing is a tool we use everyday to create our own identity, which in turns shows what we represent and helps us to connect to our beliefs and to those around us.

collection 2.0

collection 1.0

word?! | a look into the creative world of Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color in Vancouver