Hi! I’m Kate, the owner and designer of the brand KATE&FRANCES DESIGN.


designer kate pierre | kelsey top | image angelamcconnellphotography


designer kate pierre | emerson dress | image angelamcconnellphotography

KATE&FRANCES came about as I couldn’t find the style of clothing that I wanted to wear to express my true sense of Self.
Dresses that could be worn to work, out with friends, or running errands.

Dresses that moved with the body, with no restrictions and allowed me to wear heels, wear trainers or sandals and still look good.

Wrap into that a love for sustainability and normalizing Black, Brown faces into fashion campaigns, and KATE&FRANCES DESIGN was born.

I use zero waste pattern drafting techniques to ensure there is minimal fabric waste during the manufacturing process. This also creates minimal seaming, so it’s less irritating against your skin.

Incorporating Black and Brown faces into the photo shoots, is just one way to normalize and represent ALL skin shades, tones and colours. It’s a reflection of what we see in our day-to-day lives, and fashion is a reflection of our day-to-day, so we need to see that in fashion campaigns.

KATE&FRANCES is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada and every piece is made to order. Just another way Kate incorporates sustainability into her brand.