the designer

So, this is me.

I’m Kate. The owner & designer of KATE&FRANCES.

I love to know the reasons why we all do, what we do. it allows another perspective, another viewpoint into our Self.

I appreciate self expression, identity and my mission with this brand is not only to make apparel that makes you feel good and look amazing, but to provide a voice, a platform and representation of Brown folks within the fashion industry. being of Trinidadian and New Zealand heritage, and growing up in New Zealand (THE most beautiful country on this planet!), I didn’t have Brown role models, who looked like me, to inspire me to, but I was lucky enough to have parents that supported me in whatever career I chose.

clothing is a tool we use everyday to create our own identity, which in turns shows what we represent and helps us to connect to our beliefs and to those around us.

the brand

we believe in representation and identity.

when you see others who look like you, doing what you want to do, there is an invisible connection formed, guiding you, encouraging you to do that too.

we believe in craftsmanship.

our garments are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.  we hand cut and produce in small batches, so each piece is individually crafted.

we believe in honesty, integrity and creativity.

we stay true to the traditional techniques, but we are also not afraid to digress, in the creation of our creative expression.

we do what we say. it’s that simple. if you have any questions about what we do, feel free to reach out and ask.

creativity, learning and staying curious about the world around us is paramount. as humans, we are continually learning and growing. being open to new ideas and influences is what keeps life interesting!

we believe in sustainability.

by incorporating minimal seaming and deadstock fabric into our collections to reduce waste.  we also produce in small batches, so there is no excess stock at the end of each season.

our philosophy is simply to create beautiful, sculptural silhouettes, that infuse diversity and articulate your sense of self.

designer kate pierre | outfit emerson dress | image angelamcconnellphotography