The Trend of Diversity

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of being part of a panel bought together by Cicely Blain Consulting, to talk about diversity and sustainability in the fashion industry. This experience was really powerful for me, as it allowed space to talk about my story. And, it kinda surprised me that people actually wanted to know!…

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Oh, London

Oh jetlag. You’ve been my bff for the past week.  Can you just bugger off now?!   But jetlag is the payoff for the privilege of flying round the world. And I spent the last week in London, England.      Whirlwind of a trip.  A lot happened.  I also realised that I didn’t take…

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A Confluence of Influence

What creates influence? What makes something an influence?  Why does something inspire you the way it does?  And why and how does the same thing inspire someone else the way it does?  And what are the influences that inspire my influencers?  Hahaha. The mind can go off in so many tangents that it can become…

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Macy Musings

I love live concerts. There’s this buzz in the air, people are dressed for the occasion, chatting excitedly, their faces animated, and in general everyone is just more open and friendly.  We are united for a few hours by a connection. A love for a particular artist and their music. And this time the artist…

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It’s All About Me

And You. And Connection. And Identity. And probably a few other things! Things that take my fancy as I move through this experience we call life. I want to create this community of strong, independent, creative, value-holding souls that just get each other. Sometimes without having to utter a single word. Who can just catch…

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Inspiration. Motivation. Revved up. Fired up. Ready to go. Passion. Excitement. Drive. Whatever you call it. I got it. Again. I had lost it for a while. Gone. Buried underneath stories, opinions that weren’t my own, but that I had let crowd my self. Now I’ve got it. Again. I feel it everywhere. Everywhere. It’s…

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