kate&frances is designed to allow us to feel secure, confident and freedom in our
individual skins. Within our skin, our sense of self becomes easier to illustrate to the
outside world.
being male or female is irrelevant.

to find ways of self expression; to show the world our true self, what character we
are playing that day, which functions we will be carrying out, comes in many forms
and interpretations. clothing is just one.

with simple, yet thoughtful detailing and silhouettes, kate&frances is a limited edition
capsule range for individuals who are free in their identity and enjoy the playfulness
of blurring the lines.

kate&frances began as a simmering concept, interpreting it’s own identity for the
past 10 years.

as we do with our own sense of self, this is created this through experiences and
the simmering constantly continues, constantly evolving as time passes.

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