Kate - the designer

of New Zealand and Trinidadian descent, and growing up at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island, on the beautiful Otago Peninsula, I discovered a knack and a love for creating, and a thirst for understanding why we wear what we wear.

as a self-taught sewer, learning on Mums untouched sewing machine, I started creating gifts for family (some of which are still around!), and a few years later, started to pattern draft and construct my own clothing.

after graduating from the Fashion & Design School at Otago Polytechnic in 1999, I moved from Dunedin to Auckland to start my career in fashion. Beginning as a manual pattern maker/grader and sample/ production cutter at various labels, and seeing how ‘easy’ it was to build an apparel label, I launched my self named label in 2002.

after 5 years, I decided to explore the world and haven’t stopped since!

travelling has led me to incredible places, people and personalities, fascinating cultures, customs and ways of life and I discovered what self expression, honesty and integrity truly means to me.

the need to create an apparel line once again, became too strong to ignore and so kate&frances was born.

as an acute observer of the world around me, where self expression and freedom can sometimes seem unobtainable, but yet obtainable, I find myself the creator of a collection of sculptural designs, where I can express my own self.

and this is my freedom.

this is my home.