And You. And Connection. And Identity.

And probably a few other things! Things that take my fancy as I move through this experience we call life.

I want to create this community of strong, independent, creative, value-holding souls that just get each other. Sometimes without having to utter a single word. Who can just catch the others’ eye and know. With acceptance, calmness and a bit of a giggle (if applicable), and where self expression comes first and is embraced.
Where self empowerment is strengthened.

Where people can tell me if I am being a complete and utter idiot, but where also where advice and support can be offered. Where tears and laughter are just part of our creative process, and sometimes known as our emotional release.

In this world where people are used and mistreated, taken advantage of, not only physically, but also emotionally ; at work, at home and at play, we search for something fulfilling. An environment where we can just be. I want and need to make this a reality for me.
After all, it is all about me!

A world where truth and self and honesty is paramount.
Can this world exist not only in my mind?
Not just with white sandy beaches, a cold glass of NZ sauvignon blanc and fluffy white clouds for 2 weeks every year.
But in my everyday world where things don’t always go my way, and others say harsh words, and lunch is not always at 12.30?
Is this just crazy lady thinking?!

I want me, my true self, my identity to be acknowledged. I want to see your true self. I want to hear what you think and feel about your identity and the world that surrounds you. And if you want or need to change, how do we go about that process? Who can we call on to provide this information we are missing? I want to hear your experiences and how you reacted to them. I want to hear your story. I want to listen and to be inspired and to explore what you have learnt, what I have learnt, to create a bit of a short-cut for others to learn from.

I want to create a connection. And creating this connection, for me is by listening.

So, what do these words actually mean to me? And what do they mean to you?

Right now I have no idea what you are thinking (my mind reading skills are pretty flash in
person, but not so much online!).

And as this post is all about me, here goes my definition.

My Definition.
: The experiences and our reactions to them, that have created our thoughts, beliefs and
: Specific characteristics that make up an individual or object.

: Like mindedness.
: To have a similar understanding
: To join

Does this resonate with you? Does anything I have said ring true and strong? Are you now curious?

I’m so curious and love to learn. I love the Why. So, it’s also All About the Why. And an example of this can be at work where, you come up to me and say, ‘Hey Kate, I
need this *insert general piece of information here * Are you able to help?’ And I say, “Hey you! Sure I can give the answer to *general piece of information requested* why do you need it?’

And the more background information I have, the more accurate and defined my answer will be. Otherwise I will just go off on tangents hoping that I gave you enough information. And the specific information you were looking for!

Oh, and don’t get me wrong, I love tangents. Tangents are way cool and you never know when you will get the chance to drop this piece of really amazing information into a conversation! Tangents are just one way I get to learn new stuff. But there is a time and place. Sometimes tangents are not where I need to be and after all, I have my my own pile of work to plough through!

The Why. The Why is fascinating. Why do I want to create this environment?

You may think this next paragraph is a tangent, and you are partially right, but keep reading
So, I also love to people watch.
Wee story for you.
My Granny used to love to sit in the supermarket car park and watch people go about their shopping. Especially on Saturdays when it was busy. Families, single people, kids, groups, old people, absolutely anyone that was coming or going.
She also loved to stand at her bedroom window, at the end of the curtain to watch peoplewalk along the footpath, and the cars going by. (To stand at the end of the curtain meant she could pull the curtain across for a closer look if need be)
She also loved to ask questions. Oh, Nosy Rosey. But the thing was, you didn’t mind telling her the answers because she was, well, she was Granny. That’s kinda what Grannys do. And because she was genuinely interested.
So I guess I inherited this from her.

So the people watching. We automatically judge people by what they wear. And judge can be seen as a pretty harsh word. Maybe interpret is slightly softer. Let’s try it on for size. We interpret the clothing people wear. It’s how we are programmed to keep ourselves safe, to know who our fellow netball team members are, what income level you are in (so judgy), which culture or religion you belong, what activity you are performing that day and the thing that is most intriguing for me, is how people express their self.

In a nutshell, People fascinate me. Stories intrigue me. Identity and how we express our
self is gold for me. Connection is how we create our identity.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you think. What can you identify with?
You can send me an email at or leave me a comment or a suggestion below!




Kate : A curious being with a fascination for clothing in all forms who values honesty, integrity and truthfulness, mixed together with a little creativity.
A travel, an explorer and a seeker of knowledge, born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand of Trinidadian and New Zealand descent.
A middle child who sometimes gets stuck in her own head in this shared space we call life.
A loner who prefers deep and meaningful conversation and a loather of small talk.
A lover of all genres of yoga; a Zumba addict.
Beaches or large cities are preferred over sleeping on the ground with nature (some call it camping), and a lover of mixing up a fresh batch of scones.

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