Jun 22, 2020


we’re bringing awareness to the creative Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color, who are based in Vancouver, by sharing our stories and creative processes.

we are a growing community, however we are also isolated.  the conversations I’ve had thus far have shown that we are disconnected, we don’t know each other, but we all want to be a part of a community.

this is an opportunity to connect and create; to hear each other’s words; to relate to each other and to support and inspire each other.  creating community.


i’m Kate.  the designer, entrepreneur and brown skinned creative behind the brand KATE&FRANCES.

KATE&FRANCES is about identity and representation. the brand was born from a lack of clothing that was forward thinking in this city and I also didn’t see a lot of brown faces represented in the Vancouver community; especially the apparel industry.

since diving into the entrepreneur world it has been a lonely journey (but fulfilling!), add in the isolation of the Coronavirus pandemic and the emotional turmoil of the largest Anti-Racist movement since the 1960’s, life for all of us as been flipped sideways as we try and find our way through.

so in a way, this is for me!  a way to create a community, to feel like I belong in this city and that there is a place for me here and connecting with others along the way!

so if you, or you know of a creative who would benefit from this community, please reach out!

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